About Us

YeahThatCommercial is the informational database for commercials, similar to IMDB is for film and television.  We pay homage to actors, directors, producers, musicians, composers, agencies, and any other cast & crew members who are responsible for creating those 30 second advertisements we either love or ignore in between our favorite TV programs.

Why the name?  Well, we’ve all asked a friend, “Hey, have you seen that beer commercial when the two guys do…?”  Then your friend thinks for a moment and replies, “You mean that commercial with the tall guy…?”  And your response is always, “Yeah, that commercial.”  Although long, the name of the website is a simple reflection of how viewers communicate when discussing a memorable commercial.

We are working with advertising agencies and vendors to continuously fill our database with regional and national commercials from the past and present, along with the “credits” for each respective commercial.  Any talent who are credited in commercials on our site are encouraged to link their name to other commercials in our database, as well as to a personalized biography page.  

The intended use of YeahThatCommercial is different for each user.

  1. Talent may showcase their body of work without paying fees.
  2. Casting directors, advertising agencies, and line producers can quickly search our database for talent to hire or use as a source for empirical research, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and emails to colleagues. 
  3. Average television viewer – enjoyment!  Watch the videos or read the talent bios.  Commercials are 30-second stories that are often humorous and well produced.  Each and every person in front of or behind that camera has a personal story also.  Once they’ve registered and completed their profile, find out more about them. 

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Finally a website that credits you for commercials! Once you are registered you can link yourself to all the commercials you've helped create, allowing industry professionals to see your body of work with an on-demand click.  Great for getting noticed for that next job!

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As an agency, listing the talent associated with your clients’ commercials will drive additional traffic to your commercial and ultimately, you and your client's product.

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Want more people to see the commercial that highlights your product or service?  Click here to get your commercial added to our video database.

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Un”Song” Heroes
That’s a catchy tune in that commercial, but who made it?